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Pamer Farm began its vision approximately 40 years ago. Starting as a small family operation.

Our vision is to provide superior quality agricultural products through our cattle and hay divisions for those who demand and expect the best.

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angus cattle

The Angus cattle division of Pamer Farm continues to lead the field with exceptional EPD’s necessary to enhance any herd average. To ensure we reach these goals we are continually incorporation the latest developments in achieving this objective as well as continuing to adhere to the proven “old school” protocols and procedures. Qualified herdsmen and animal care professionals ensure quality animal health and growth. Select from our vast supply of genetically superior opportunities for all heard sizes and objectives.

high quality hay

When feeding the best quality hay available is an important element to your herd management and growth turn to Pamer Farm.

Expert management of top quality hay fields along with experienced harvesting methods has always been a priority in our hay productions.